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It’s no secret that we are a nation of takeaway lovers, and with the recent restrictions and multiple national lockdowns, we’ve had no choice but to turn to our favourite takeaways instead of meals out. But what exactly are the most popular takeaways in the UK? We wanted to see which UK cities were searching for certain takeaway cuisines most often to determine which is their go-to choice. We selected seven popular types of takeaways and then collected search data around these UK favourites to see how the results compared.

Key Findings:

  • Pizza is clearly the most popular takeaway, with every single UK city searching for this food over any other takeaway cuisine!
  • Surprisingly, Fish and Chips is one of the least popular dishes
  • People in Northern England are bigger pizza fans than those in the South
  • Burgers are the second most searched-for cuisine
  • Indian is the least popular choice of the seven types of takeaways analysed
  • Uber Eats comes out on top as the favourite delivery service amongst the main UK cities
  • Papa John’s was a clear favourite for the UK’s pizza lovers

The UK’s Favourite Takeaways Based on Search Trends

Is Pizza The Official Lockdown Food? Google Data Reveals Pizza as Most Searched-for Takeaway

We analysed search trends from the past 12 months, and pizza was the clear winning takeaway cuisine when we finalised the scores. With the likes of pizza chains Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s being increasingly popular, this isn’t surprising. We also researched to see exactly which pizza places UK cities favour, as well as who they prefer to deliver the goods!

The UK’s Favourite Pizza

London - Papa John’s
Birmingham - Pizza Hut
Cardiff - Domino’s
Leeds - Pizza Hut
Glasgow - Papa John’s
Liverpool - Domino’s
Bradford - Pizza Hut
Sheffield - Papa John’s
Edinburgh - Papa John’s
Manchester - Pizza Hut
Bristol - Domino’s

Where Do The UK’s Biggest Pizza Fans Live?

  1. Leeds
  2. Liverpool
  3. Sheffield
  4. London
  5. Birmingham


The UK’s Favourite Delivery Services

When it comes to ordering your favourite takeaway, service is equally important! With so many different options now available, from click and collect to independent restaurant delivery and services such as Deliveroo, we aimed to find out which cities opted for which services.

London - Deliveroo
Birmingham - Uber Eats
Leeds - Uber Eats
Glasgow - Uber Eats
Sheffield - Uber Eats
Bradford - Uber Eats
Edinburgh - Deliveroo
Liverpool - Uber Eats
Manchester - Uber Eats
Bristol - Deliveroo
Cardiff - Uber Eats


  • We used Google Search Trends to see which of the biggest UK cities by population were searching for certain takeaway cuisines the most
  • We compiled data for the seven most popular different types of takeaways (based on overall searches) and then filtered the results for each city
  • We added the total number of searches together for the cities to determine the overall popularity of each cuisine
  • We then viewed specific search data for each city to also include in our findings
  • We also searched for trends around specific pizza chains and delivery companies