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Bake in Trays

Every esteemed caterer understands the significance of baking versatility, and the role of functional, durable, and environmentally-friendly kitchenware is crucial to achieve that versatility. W.F. Denny’s collection of bake-in trays redefines your culinary landscape by offering an exceptional range of trays to meet all your baking needs.

Browse the range of bake-in trays below to find out how W.F. Denny can help you reach new catering heights.

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Our range of products

Ovenable card bake-in trays

Eco-conscious catering is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. Embrace this shift with our ovenable card bake-in trays. Crafted from recyclable lined micro-fluted board, these trays personify sustainable cooking. Their folded webbed corners securely contain your mixtures during baking and ensure effortless turning out when the tray is opened. No more battles with stubborn bakes – your beautifully baked goods will slide out with ease, ready for the display case or plate.

The material of these trays mitigates localised hotspots during baking, offering an even and consistent bake – a dream for any caterer aiming for perfection. And that is not all - these trays are also freezable, extending their usage to cold desserts and ice creams, truly a culinary all-rounder.

Card lids for ovenable card bake-in trays

Keep your goods fresh and well-presented with our card lid for ovenable card bake-in trays. Pair these lids with the trays for an optimal solution to deliver your culinary delights without compromising on their freshness, integrity, or presentation.

Mini 8cm loaf bake-in trays

Creating bite-sized treats for your events is a breeze with our mini 8cm loaf bake-in trays. Perfect for miniature breads, cakes or pastries, these trays offer consistency in portion size while maintaining the exquisite quality of your baked goods.

Long bake-in mould trays

When it comes to baking loaves or larger cakes, our long bake-in mould trays are your catering superheroes. Designed for easy use and excellent baking performance, these trays simplify your kitchen routine while ensuring top-notch results.

Rectangular card bake-in trays

In the realm of catering, presentation is key. Our rectangular card bake-in trays provide an elegant, modern look to your savoury and sweet treats alike, while offering a robust solution for baking and serving.

Ovenable wooden food tray and wooden baking mould

Bring a dash of rustic charm to your event with our ovenable wooden food tray and wooden baking mould. These trays add a natural aesthetic and an earthy vibe to your table, while their durability and versatility cater to your baking needs.

Aluminium Foil Tray Bake Tin

The aluminium foil tray bake tin is an enduring staple in any caterer’s collection. Renowned for its excellent heat conductivity and resilience, these tins ensure uniform baking and a splendid final product, every time.

Why choose W.F. Denny's bake-in trays?

Our trays are designed to streamline your catering workflow, optimising your kitchen space and simplifying your baking process. Supplied flat pack, they significantly reduce storage space requirements and are effortless to assemble by hand.

Our products offer an effective solution for allergen control, mitigating cross-contamination between reusable baking trays. Capable of withstanding temperatures from -40°C to 220°C, these trays suit baking in a conventional oven or microwave, and freezing for later use.

W.F. Denny is committed to sustainable catering. Our card products are not only recyclable but also microwaveable, freezable, and ovenable. We strive to bring you innovative, functional, and eco-friendly solutions to meet your evolving catering needs.

With W.F. Denny's bake-in trays, your catering experience will be as memorable as the events you cater for. Transform your culinary journey with us today.

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