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80th Birthday Balloons

W.F. Denny understands the importance of commemorating special moments. Thanks to our selection of 80th birthday balloons, you can make an 80th celebration one to remember. From the sparkling simplicity of our Blue Holographic 80th Birthday Foil Balloon to the elegant charm of the Rose Gold Sparkling Fizz Foil Balloon, our range caters to diverse aesthetic tastes.

Browse the range of balloons for an 80th birthday below today and take advantage of bigger savings for bulk orders. Order before 1pm for same-day dispatch.

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Why choose foil balloons for your 80th birthday celebration?

Foil balloons offer an enhanced level of sophistication compared to their latex counterparts. Their glossy finish and vibrant colours provide an unparalleled visual appeal, while their durable material ensures lasting buoyancy, making them a superb choice for long events.

Our 80th birthday helium balloons

Blue Holographic 80th Birthday Foil Balloon

Our Blue Holographic 80th Birthday Foil Balloon brings a touch of modern style to your celebrations. Its captivating holographic design captures and refracts light, creating a spectacle that will surely mesmerise guests of all ages.

Rose Gold Sparkling Fizz Foil Balloon

The Rose Gold Sparkling Fizz Foil Balloon exudes elegance and sophistication. Its delicate rose gold hue, combined with a sparkling fizz design, adds a chic touch to your event, making it an ideal choice for an 80th birthday bash.

Blue Sparkling Fizz Age 80th Balloon

The Blue Sparkling Fizz Age 80 Balloon offers a vibrant take on celebratory decor. Its bright blue tone, complemented by a dazzling fizz design, is certain to draw the eye and infuse your party with joy.

Elegant Sparkle And Swirls 80th Foil Balloon

Our Elegant Sparkle And Swirls 80th Foil Balloon merges tradition and style with its classic design and sparkling adornments. This stunning piece provides a stylish nod to the guest of honour's age, while seamlessly blending into any event decor.

18” diameter 80th balloons

Our 80th birthday balloons measure 18” in diameter, striking the perfect balance between visibility and venue compatibility. Suitable for filling with helium, these balloons remain aloft for extended periods, creating a festive atmosphere that lasts throughout your event.

Event planners consistently choose our foil balloons for their durability and aesthetic appeal. They resolve the common issue of latex balloons deflating prematurely, ensuring that your decor remains impeccable throughout your event. Moreover, their versatility allows for creative arrangement options, aiding in the creation of memorable event spaces.

Order your 80th birthday balloons today

When it comes to marking milestone moments, you can trust W.F. Denny to deliver on quality and style. Our range of 80th balloons promises to bring a touch of elegance to your celebrations, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Order your balloons today, and let us add a touch of sparkle to your special day. For more information on how we can help match you with the perfect party and catering goods, contact our team today on 0161 927 4949 or by filling out our contact form here


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