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Cake Boxes, Boards and Acetates

Looking for cake boards and boxes for your event planning or catering needs? Browse our full range of cake slice boxes and cardboard cake boxes at W.F. Denny, suitable for packing your cupcakes, cake slices and large cakes!

From large-scale cake manufacturers to retail cake shops, we've got packaging to suit everyone. We offer a selection of corrugated cardboard cake boxes to pack and transport large and heavy cakes, which are suitable for freezing or stacking on pallets to make transport easy. Our range of cake boxes is suitable for wholesale and includes clear cake boxes, square cake boards and individual cake boxes. 

Browse our full range of cake boards and boxes below, and order online today from W.F. Denny.

Why choose cake boxes and cake boards from W.F. Denny?

Catering cake boxes are special containers designed to safely store and transport cakes from the kitchen to their destination. Once delivered, the boxes are suitable for retail display, allowing for the safe stacking and presentation of cakes. 

Catering cake boxes come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit a wide range of potential applications. Most commonly, catering cake boxes are constructed using cardboard as the main material, which is secure and environmentally friendly. Boxes from W.F. Denny come with a secure lid that locks firmly into place and prevents cakes from shifting or becoming damaged during travel. Additionally, many catering cake boxes feature there are dividers and this can allow you to store multiple tiers in one box. This can allow you to separate flavours or types of cakes without worrying about them getting mixed up during delivery.

Benefits of cake boxes and cake boards

Using catering cake boxes provides several advantages for businesses such as bakeries and caterers. Not only do rigid boxes and boards ensure that a product arrives safely at its destination, but they also help to maintain freshness throughout delivery by locking out moisture and other elements that can cause food spoilage or deterioration. These durable yet lightweight containers make it easier for workers to transport large orders quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the ideal cake box and boards

Due to their versatility, catering cake boxes are often used for more than just transporting cakes; they can also be used for storing cupcakes, muffins, pies and other pastries when catered items need to be kept refrigerated or frozen during transit or storage. These containers are ideal for packaging large orders, since they are deep enough to fit cakes multiple tiers with ease while keeping everything organised and stable during transport. 

Furthermore, catering cake boxes can also be recycled after use, which makes them both an ecological and economical option when considering long-term cost savings associated with packaging costs.

Catering Cake Acetates

If you cater cakes and care about their presentation, you need to ensure they are protected during transport. Taking your baked catering goods to the next level means using custom cake acetates. With our range of stylish and high-quality catering cake acetates, you can add a professional flair to large cakes, cupcakes, and other treats.

Our catering cake acetate boards come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes with an adhesive backing for easy application. The boards are made from a durable polypropylene material that is food safe and resistant to cracking or breaking during transport or storage. These boards create a clean presentation and make it easy for customers to see what types of cakes you offer.

For maximum convenience, you can also purchase clear polypropylene film discs and food wrap sheets for use in storing or transporting cakes of all sizes. The film discs and food wrap sheets are designed specifically for food items and are thick enough to keep them safe from damage during transit. Plus, they offer the convenience of wrapping individual cakes, so customers can pick up and take away single baked goods without needing plates.

No matter what type of event or occasion you’re catering for, we have the right size and style of acetate cake board for any job.  Choose from standard round shapes or opt for a 200-metre cake collar roll that you can cut to any size you need.

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